Friday, August 19, 2011

Someone's been Pinning!

Have you heard of Pinterest?! If not, please continue reading, and go sign up right after you're done here! Honestly, this site is absolutely fantastic. It's the world biggest pin board ever. Seriously, they should be in the guinness book of records! The idea behind this is that you can 'pin' pictures onto your pin board. You can have different boards for different themes. It is SO inspirational! And the reason why I wanted to talk to you about Pinterest today is because this is the reason why I started art journaling. I accidentally ended up on someone's board, which was an AJ board. And oh my. Did I fell in love! I really really liked what I saw, and instantly wanted to find out more about AJ. I ended up on YouTube and found Paula, from Journal Artista, which basically convinced me to give it a try with her tutorials. And the rest is history. Pinterest, allows me to get inspired. I see all the beauties created by people from all over the world, and it gets my brain working. It gives me ideas. It motivates me to keep going. I'll be honest, sometimes I'm like 'Oh geez. How am I going to fill up all these pages?!'. It gets a little overwhelming for me, I always keep thinking that I don't have enough inspiration to fill up an entire journal. Wrong. Yes, my brain constantly stop working, but there is no rush. If I don't have any inspiration, I can just stop and get back to it at another time. And that is what I did today. Started a project, made a couple of layers... Then, brain fart moment. I just couldn't think of anything. I left it there. Came back to it later, added stuff to it... And then again. My brain decided to go on strike. What did I do next?! Pinterest! I needed inspiration, and I found it. I promise, this place won't fail you. If you're not into AJ, no worries. Pinterest can help you with some wedding ideas. Help you come up with the best recipes ever for that family reunion you are planning. Show you how to do that very cool bookshelves on your own. It can even bring you all around the world! Looking for a makeover?! No problem, Pinterest is full of fashion & hairstyles ideas! Pinterest will be whatever YOU want it to be. Be aware though, once you've started pinning, you might have trouble stopping. So now, what are you waiting for?! GO!! Start pinning!! You need an invitation in order to register so go ahead and request one right HERE. The system is sometimes really slow, if you can't wait to get your invitation, please reply to this message with your e-mail, I'll send you an invite. You can find me on Pinterest by clicking right HERE.

That will be all for today, I wanted to post some of my art today, but I'm being lazy right now. Plus, I'm leaving tomorrow. Going to see my 85 years old grandpa, who has been hospitalized for the past 2 weeks. He was diagnostized with bone cancer. But he will fight it, the cancer hasn't done any damages yet so it's not too late. He will fight. Cancer appart, he is probably the most healthy 85 years old you will ever meet! He's a real fighter! He's hospitalized about 2 hours from here, near our family cottage, so I'll be spending the week-end over there with my family. It will be quiet time for me! So I wish you all a wonderful week-end!

See ya soon!
Marie =)

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