Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Art Squared Prompt!

I was pretty busy creating some wonderful pages today. I honestly can say that it was a very good day for me to get creative. Thanks to the girls over at Art Squared for the prompt inspiration! Basically, the prompt was 'Today'. Fairly easy! And here is what I have created!

Today I am artist. Which is kinda true, I spent all day playing with my stuff and making some wonderful pages! So I started this one with some green and blue acrylic paint for the background. The yellow we see on the edges was made with watercolor crayons. Over the acrylic, I added more gesso and made another layer with blue and green watercolor crayons. I am using the Neocolor II by Caran D'Ache crayons. In my opinion, they are the absolute best. And they better be, because they ain't cheap! But honestly, if your budget permits it, run to your craft store NOW and buy a box. They will never let you down! Also featured on this page is a stamp by Tim Holtz (it's the one on the right side, on the edge where the word artist is repeated!), a stamp by Stampin' Up (a simple flower), cardboard alpha by K&Company (which I added some ink on it, the blues of the alpha was a bit too bright for my liking!), rubber stamp mini alpha by EKSuccess (which is REALLY cheap, I do not recommend it!!!). I also added some papers, for more texture. I used a wite-out pen around the circles so they really stand out from the page. I draw some flower petals with Reeves' Oil Pastels, I used the black one for the outside and colored the inside with the peach one. And that's pretty much it! Overall, I am very pleased with the way these pages turned out! And I am VERY surprised at how fast I am learning! Alright, enough rambling now. It is almost 4AM here and I should be sleeping by now. Serious. LOL.

See ya soon!
Marie =)

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Cindy said...

Wonderful pages!! Love the softness of them!