Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Search Your Soul

Search your soul, find yourself. Explore your mind. Let its creativity come out. Art the pain away. It'll be the best therapy to heal your soul. No therapist, psychologist nor psychiatrist will have the ability to save yourself. You are the one that needs to save yourself. You have the power to change things. You are powerful enough to make it happen. Because you are in charge of your own destiny. We create our own happiness. So go ahead and search your soul. Find yourself. And take control. This is your life, and nobody else's. Now that I've let this out... Time for me to put it in practice. Here is what came out of all these thoughts last night while arting away the pain...

Search Your Soul

Search Your Soul (right) Search Your Soul (left)

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See ya soon,
Marie =)


Victoria said...

Wow love it!! So indepth!! Love all the detail and what a nice use of the feather.
Amazing Marie!!!

Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT journal spread Marie, sorry you have pain, but you are right, this is the BESTEST way to get rid of it - JOURNAL.
Hoping you feel better soon!

Kim said...

Very cool Marie - I am seeing some Dede and Paula inspiration there - am I right?

Jamie said...

Great work Marie! Love the papers you chose, and the layout, ((Hugs))
to you my dear!!!

Prairie Thistle said...

Great journal pages Marie. I really like the images you chose.